Our purpose

Reinventing the way we do work

We want to democratise the tools, systems and frameworks to allow anyone to build great things.
The problem

Everything is everywhere, but nowhere

Right now, you're probably using 6+ different apps, with 15 tabs open.

The problem with that is that there's no single source of truth for all your information because data is scattered & duplicated across many tools that often don't integrate with each other.

All these applications exist in "silos", or single-purpose apps, which is a problem if you want your team to communicate effectively, whether they're in sales, engineering or support.

Everything is scattered, and nowhere to be found.

The solution

The future is Work OS

Framework works fundamentally different to other tools by using a graph database, which allows you to structure and store your ideas in our tool in the same way our mind does.

This creates a single source of truth which means you can finally store all of your data in one place. Whether it's tasks, projects, companies, notes, meetings, customers, contacts, you'll be able to store it.

Because of our flexible data structure, our software lets anyone build and customise their own tools according to their needs with our LEGO-like building blocks.

While other platforms try to force tools to integrate with each other, Framework building blocks just naturally fit together like a simple puzzle.